Summer ’22. We’re road tripping with our giant BottleCan™️

This is your invite to join us and get your hands on some refreshing Iced Coffee on the road.

To celebrate the launch of our new infinitely recyclable BottleCan™ we decided to build a GIANT version to highlight our mission to become plastic-free. By switching to BottleCan™ we’re saving 40 tonnes of plastic this year alone.

Check out our tour map below to see when and where we’ll be across the UK and come say hi if you’re nearby. 

If you find us, you’ll be able to have an ice cold one on us, but it’s first come first served! 

Stats and snaps below for your enjoyment…

Dan, our brand guy, passed his trailer licence on his first go. Look at those reversing skills.

Jimmy's Iced Coffee BottleCan Reversing
Jimmy's Iced Coffee BottleCan Reversing

By switching to aluminium, we'll save over 40 tonnes of plastic this year. That's 40 of these giant BottleCans.

To make this Iced Coffee, you'd need 130kg of our Rainforest Alliance, single origin, Arabica Coffee.

And finally, look at this drone shot. Pretty cool eh?

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