We’re touring the UK with a giant 6m tall BottleCan™

This is your invite to join us and get your hands on some refreshing Iced Coffee!

To celebrate the launch of our new infinitely recyclable BottleCan™, we decided to build a GIANT version to highlight our mission to become plastic-free. By switching to BottleCan™, we’re saving 40 tonnes of plastic this year alone.

We can’t wait to see the look on your faces when you see the size of it. You’ll quite literally be Keeping Your Chin Up! A big thank you to Rhemo Forge and Kustom Kolors for all their help with the build.

Check out our summer 2022 tour map below to see where and when to behold the most magnificent can of Coffee on this planet.

Come find us along our journey and we'll be sure to treat you with some free Jimmy's Iced Coffee and the chance to win a year's supply.

Keep your eyes peeled for this beast out on the road and tag us wherever you see it! Woohoo!

The Giant BottleCan™