How it all began...

Jimmy’s Iced Coffee was born after Jim fell in love with the cold stuff whilst road tripping around Oz. Not content with the sickly-sweet offerings here in the UK, he was determined to create his own. Knowing his sister as 'someone that gets sh*t done' he went straight to Suze, (who owned a café at the time) and suggested they team up to make their own.

Never being one to hang around, Suze called the estate agents and put her café on the market. In the few months it took to sell, Jimmy’s Iced Coffee launched in Selfridges.

Seven years later and Jimmy's Iced Coffee is proudly fuelling road trips, commutes, gym sessions and Keeping Chins Up UK wide, with the fridges of the world on the horizon.

Why we're so great

Single-Origin Coffee

At the heart of an awesome iced coffee – is great coffee. Our coffee comes from one of the most sought-after places in the world, Huila, Columbia. It’s known for producing the highest quality Arabica beans due to the cool mountain climate and farmers doing the harvest by hand – meaning only the best cherries are selected. What do you get? A sweet, flavourful, aromatic bean which makes for an epic Iced Coffee.


Reduced Sugar

Less sugar is better for you. So, we’ve put less of it in our Iced Coffee. And, of the sweet stuff we do put in, you’ll only find unrefined demerara sugar plus the natural sweetness from the milk (or the oats, if you’re dairy free).

Rainforest Alliance

The team behind the Rainforest Alliance are absolute legends and we are stoked to be working with them. They work with coffee farmers to improve their livelihoods, the wellbeing of their communities and to preserve the surrounding environment.

Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms benefit from the organisation's education on sustainable farming methods – meaning their farming process is in harmony with nature and beneficial for their livelihoods long term.

We're super proud to have the Rainforest Alliance Certified™ seal on our packs and to give you the best single origin coffee to drink in every carton.


The Original Recipe One. A super refreshing Iced Coffee Latte. It’s the Original, the first ever Jimmy’s Iced Coffee, and the perfect combo of Arabica Coffee, British Milk and Demerara sugar. Simple, honest ingredients that will Keep Your Chin Up. It’s a winner. Buy Here

  • British Semi Skimmed Milk
  • Single-Origin Arabica Coffee
  • Available in 1 litre


British Semi-Skimmed Milk (61%),
Arabica Coffee(36%),
Demerara Sugar.
Allergen advice
See ingredients in bold
Suitable for vegetarians
Caffeine content
Drink Jimmy’s chilled
Once opened keep
refrigerated and
drink within 5 days

Typical values per 100ml provide

Dairy Free

The One without Dairy. The Plant Based One. The Vegan One. The Green One. Yes. No Milk. All Oats. So, if you’re Vegan, Veggie or just a plant fan, this one’s for you. It’s super smooth with a perfect coffee hit, not too sweet or too thick. It’s also the only Iced Oat Latte you can grab on-the-go. Ace. Buy Here

  • Made with Oats
  • Single-Origin Arabica Coffee
  • Vegan Friendly & Lactose Free


The Fat Free One. With just 99 calories, this bad boy is the feel good, taste good choice. Ideal for that pre-workout or post lunch pick-me-up. It’s made with skimmed milk and is only 3.5 syns (3 smart points) – a healthier option that tastes just as good as the Original. So, want a Skinny Latte on the move? Get the one with the stripes. Buy Here


The Chocolate Coffee One. Chocolate and Coffee. Chocolate and Coffee! Belgian Chocolate and Arabica Coffee. Sold. Done. Go Get Some. Buy Here

  • British Semi Skimmed Milk
  • Single-Origin Arabica Coffee
  • Belgian Chocolate

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