Ben Clark’s Golf

“The reason my Mk2 Golf is special to me is because it is not just a car. The Mk2 Golf was born into an era of reckless teenagers and big kids who wanted a car to show off to their mates, pick up girls and pull the occasional handbrake turn in a rainy car park. Now although my Golf is not a GTI model, it still has that noticeable sound with the smallest touch to the accelerator, turning heads. With it’s sleek design, startling tornado red colour and silver BBS Wheels there is nothing you can not love about this model of car. (I’ve even convinced the girlfriend to one day buy her own Golf)

One feature that separates my Golf from the crowd is its suspension. Why drive low when you can park even lower? With the push of a button and the subtle hiss, the Golf drops to the floor, wheels tucking underneath the arches and giving some incredible looking camber. It always catches people out and passers by, including some children who once told me I apparently have flat tyres? With long summer drives, steering wheel in one hand, Jimmy’s in the other, my 1991 Mk2 Golf on AirRide is my ride.” – Ben Clark

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