Connor Cross’ BMW

“This car is special to me because it’s my classic pride and joy. From its retro in car phone to the to the full leather interior.
Although I’d like to have kept it all original, unfortunately I had to have it resprayed after an accident. It was at this point I decided to make it a little different. I decided to have a custom colour produced and I am so happy I did. The aqua blue and deep metal flake really makes this car stand out and grab the eyes attention. With this I then decided to put the car on air ride. This gives me the best of both worlds so I can drive it at a sensible height and when I’m stopped or at a car show I can put the car on the deck. With all this and the gold BBS wheels it really does stand out.

Last December Myself and best friend stupidly decided to go to Germany from Bournemouth as a spur of the moment trip during the Christmas period. I say stupidly because I did not think the car would make it but I was wrong. The car made it there and back with no problems and was a really good trip and I am thinking about doing it again soon.” – Connor Cross

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