Jack Mersey’s Passat

“While not the obvious choice for a 22-year-old, it matches my nickname of Old Man Mersey quite well, a friend even bought me a pipe to keep in the glove box. My aim for the car was to have a reliable long distance runner that could take myself, my friends and all of our bikes in luxury and comfort on long road trips to hit up the trails. Currently completely stock I am looking into doing a spree of upgrades that will turn it even more into a mile munching machine that will get me to my destination that little bit quicker and with a bit more style. I have already planned everything that is going to be done to the car with a fairly extensive parts list that I can not wait to get started on.

It’s special to me because despite it being an “old man’s car” it has opened up a world of possible road trips, be them surf, skate, mountain biking or just a good long drive with the windows down on a sunny day on the way to my home town of Bournemouth for a weekend to catch up with all of my friends and family which was just not possible in my previous vehicle.” – Jack Mersey

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