Jason Miller’s Orion

“My ride means a lot to me as I have been around fords pretty much most of life due to my dad bringing me and my brother up into the world of cars and any form of motorsport. Fords were always the main model that has been in the family for years, unfortunately my dad can’t be here now to see me in my first car and what other mods etc I do to it as I know he’ll be real happy with what I’ve done.

I’ve slowly done the odd mod in the year that I’ve had it, from lowering it 60mm on some banded steels, new bumper and bonnet etc. It’s not much, but I’ve got plenty of other mods to do in mind for the future. The only road trip I’ve done in the Orion was a little trip to Weymouth to see a good mate, john. That’s when I purchased the new wheels. Plenty more road trips and car shows to attend to thats for sure. It’s only just getting started for me.” – Jason Miller

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