Jesse Wells’ Land Rover

“This is my land rover discovery 1 300tdi. It’s special as I had a 4×4 pickup before which myself my dog and my Mrs loved. I sold it bought a golf gt tdi turned out all three of us hated it! The dog didn’t want to get in! This replaced the golf. I love it, so much character. Easy to work on. The lights blind people. It sounds like a tank. And will near enough go most places a tank will 🙂 at the moment it goes up to Salisbury plain a lot. Future wise plan to go to North Wales off roading! Mod wise… it’s had an egr blank, De cat, snorkel, light bar, modular wheels, bf Goodrich tires, heavy duty winch bumper and steering guard (Good for smashing trollies in Tesco) would like to go off roading with more like minded people!” – Jesse Wells

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