Josh Barnett’s MGB

“My first car was an MGB GT and I’ve always regretted selling it. Thankfully my latest project – this ’63 MGB Roadster – more than makes up for my previous loss.

Between me and my dad, we’ve stripped it right out, restoring all the rusting panels (there were lots!) and turning into a road-going racer. It’s got all your standard competition stuff fitted (roll cage, bucket seat, harness etc) but we’ve tried to keep it all looking period correct, right down to the retro-yet-modern gauges.

Between you and me, it’s not actually finished yet. It’s taken two-and-a-half years to get to this point though we’re finally finishing it off now, building a stonker of an engine for it. It’s going to be fast, fearsome and, most importantly, fun!” – Josh Barnett

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