Pete Warne’s Trike

“I love trikes, especially the ones I’ve built. Sadly illness and disability has now ended my riding/ building. Oh, how I wish I was young again, getting old is a pain!

The bike in the younger picture is a BSA 650cc (with 9inch over front forks, 500 x 16 rear wheel) originally from the 60’s but modified in early 70’s when the photo was taken. With my lifestyle, back in the day though, I never thought I would live past 25!! Briefly, in the late 60’s as a young teenager me and a mate went off for bank holiday weekend ride, for a week’s holiday, nowhere in particular. I ended up coming home around 2 years later “flying back patch colours” after meeting up with a crew on Battersea Bridge and riding down to Brighton area. That was a mad time.

Early 70’s saw me spending time in Jersey and met up with some Bikers there. Sometimes they would come over to Mainland and I remember freaking them out by riding the A303 and M5 as some of them had never been off the Island before and couldn’t get over travelling for an hour or more without stopping!.

That particular Trike is a ‘One Off’ and was built, from ground up, around 2012/13. I designed and built the chassis from scratch, engine is 850 Reliant Rialto along with gearbox. I used a heavily modified Reliant axle with heavy duty axle tubes, disc brake conversion and 15inch wheels. Front end is a modified Suzuki GSF400. I could go on and on about all the one off custom made parts etc. The Trike is registered, on the V5, as “Grandpa’s Toy” and the model is “13”. Sadly due to health problems it’s no longer with me and I’m no longer allowed to use mig welders etc. due to having an ICD implant (Defibrillator/Pacemaker) as the electromagnetic field would activate it. It did go off once and felt like being kicked in the chest by a horse. I have now given up metalwork and taken up woodwork.

I have only recently come across Jimmy‚Äôs iced coffee (original) and really enjoyed it. I’m looking forward to trying all the flavours.” – Pete Warne

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