Sam Soad’s Swifty

“Ok, so I’ve not made any mods, but I am super in love with my Swifty. I’ve had it for a year and a half now & it was possibly the most EPIC birthday present I’ve had in my adult life. It’s super cool, as it’s orange, and super fun to ride. Everyone stares, but that’s nothing new to me & I don’t care, because it’s so darn fun. It gets a lot of trips to Friar’s Cliffe & Avon beach for picnics, which is about a 4.5 mile journey for me (in each direction) and the furthest I’ve been in one go is 14.5 miles (it’s a long way on a scooter- there are no gears!) I love riding it, it totally wears me out when I hit it hard; but that’s got to be good, right? ” – Sam Soad

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