Simon Edwards’ Trek

” I’ve only had my Trek for just over a year but the reason I’m mostly in love with this bike is the same reason I love riding full stop, exploration. I’ve been riding bikes pretty much all my life thus far, and through growing up in the Devonshire wilds, getting out and exploring lanes, byways and trails are what it’s all about for me. I’ve had a blast riding mountain bikes for the last ten years or so. I’m blessed to have a little local single track to bomb around in, but the lack of extended mileage and the fact you have to drive to places you can ride, left me wanting a little more. So after slowly getting hooked on the Tour de France I began to think more and more about getting a road bike as well.


As I said I got the Trek about a year ago and I haven’t looked back since, I’ve explored my local lanes of Sussex as well as Pembrokeshire on holiday, and my home turf of East Devon. Earlier this year I undertook a four day trip to Devon over the first weekend of half term, staying hotels and B&Bs along the way. I traveled as lightly as I could and It was the first time I’d done big mileage back to back and I loved every second. I also had my fill of adventure, learning that my route planning software’s definition of what constituted a road stretched back to ancient times. But I made it to my destination and I’m hooked, my Trek gives me everything I wanted and more besides.” – Simon Edwards

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