Soul Ki-Aries’ VW Polo

“Hi my name’s Soul and I drive a little Volkswagen Polo 6N MK3 1.4cl 8v, she is my pride and joy! I bought it for my first car, it was one of those moments when you see it you know it’s the one.

It’s only a little 1.4 but has a little kick to it, at the moment it’s lowered on teiftech coilovers the rears are maxed out but with the helpers still in and the fronts half around 2.5 inches left. It’s still on the steel wheels but as my Christmas present to myself she’s getting a set of 15″ 8j wheels I’ve just got to choose out of the two first. ( it’s like being a kid again in the sweet shop)

It has a centre box delete with stainless steel back box so it’s got a little rasp to it! All in all she’s still got a few more things I want to do but a project is NEVER finished!

Thanks for getting down to the end of me blabbering on, my instagram is @_souul and is covered with pictures of my car!” – Soul Ki-Aries

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