Tim McDowell’s Caribou

“I loved the simple go anywhere do anything old skool feel of riding & racing a rigid steel bike when I was a youngster. With the Caribou it’s like starting those adventures all over again. I use it on local trail rides, fat tired beach rides, monthly bivi trips and last year for a 4 day 300+km epic around the Cairngorms in Scotland. Its a simple 1×10 set up and has more than enough mounts and cages on it to carry all my gear for a week away. Due to the massive clearance for the 4inch tires, it can also be ran as a 29er for when mile munching is a priority, meaning you can go fast or slow, personally I like enough time to see the whole picture these days. Its true what they say, “steel is real” & “fattys can be just as more fun”.” – Tim (Macca) McDowell

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