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Shoot The Pier Coffee Beans
Shoot The Pier Coffee Beans

Shoot The Pier 250g Whole Beans

Brazilian Blend
Location- South of Minas Gerais
Altitude- 900 – 1100 masl
Process- Natural
Varietals- Mundo Novo, Yellow Catuai, Red Catuai, &  Catuai, lcatu, Acaia, Yellow Bourbon
Profile- cocoa, hazelnut

An awesome blend of two Brazilian coffees from farms both situated South of Minas Gerais. The first farm was bought in 1943 by Jose Flora. He tried loads of things on the property like potato planting, milk production, pig and chicken farming and even a brickyard and sawmill, before eventually discovering coffee farming in 1972. Today his grandson Paulo is responsible for the farm and uses the regions incredible climate and soil to produce the best quality coffee.

The second farm, Fazenda Paraiso, owned by Guy Carvalho is located in Cabo Verde. At an average altitude of 950 meters, well defined seasons, low humidity and bang on temperatures, the region is ideal for coffee production. The farm produces both natural (where the bean is dried in the fruit) and pulped natural coffee (where the majority of the fruit is removed) to speed the process up when it’s lashing it down. Woof.

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